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[Chat (Android)] AutoSpin

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Posted on 8/21/14 12:34:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


Im level 52 and my autospin is still blocked. My friend said his auto unlocked around level 50.
At what level do I unlock it?

Posted on 8/21/14 1:31:36 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


Use the link in game to contact customer service to check your account.


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Posted on 8/21/14 6:26:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So far i checked all my accounts, autospin is only available with the starter package now. In the first days of this game autospin was unlocked after some levels (i dont remember exactly, maybe 3-5). But like many other things in this game, things have changed not to the favor of the playing clients

Posted on 8/21/14 2:11:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


If your post is to complain about the change then I completely understand.  However if your desire is to obtain clarification as to why or confirm you will have to contact the service center.  You may also opt to use the suggestions thread to offer your suggestion to improve upon the feature.  Thank you for your comments and continued patronage.


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