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[Chat (Android)] Bingo: Collections

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Posted on 7/27/14 10:55:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi everyone,

I'm playing Bingo and there is one aspect, which is unclear: how often can I complete the collections for each room?
The number of gems to get if completed changes, but I can't find any info if it's possible to complete the collection for more than 2 times.

Also the number of gems in the description is not correct: I completed the second collection in some rooms and it said I get 12 daily gems - but I just get 8 or 9

Posted on 7/27/14 2:25:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only


Hi, unfortunately this is the SLOTS forum, currently there is no forum for BINGO 7 and I don't happen to play so I can not answer your questions.  I can however suggest that you use the link in game to contact the service center and hopefully they can respond to your questions,


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Posted on 7/27/14 6:01:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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1. But the collection is very random... you can find the collection at the tab below.
2. Maybe its another bug.. the problem in igg, they really give prioritize the in demand game.. sad to say bingo is not, i also play the game but there is not forum for that 0, and that is why slot is the temporary forum for bingo. The bug you mention can be sent to custmer service. I will also check since like you, im also a player in bingo. :)

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