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[Chat (Android)] Manage and control the ball bearing

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Posted on 7/22/14 12:55:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

[backcolor=rgb(250, 250, 250)]1, bearing the above command, control and processing, can be long-term good performance assessment of the state function bearing beard to guard, causes the student to start production in the actual accident, improve efficiency, cost savings. Machine running the highest exposure often demonstration clause. Alternative content, add monitoring, regularly check the oil decay.

[backcolor=rgb(250, 250, 250)]As a follow up of music rotating bearing temperature, vibration problem oil state, etc.

[backcolor=rgb(250, 250, 250)](1) can be through the special tool measuring method;

[backcolor=rgb(250, 250, 250)](2) the determination method and function defines the requirements. Attendant must be wrong, especially the rupture boundary condition, also swim not to suffer, when the error measuring instrument;

[backcolor=rgb(250, 250, 250)]Feet plug (3 years), the inspection process, and some rules can't use child wheel pressure test, get the latest methods.

[backcolor=rgb(250, 250, 250)]The process definition (4 years), the abolition of the tao; To ensure that the bottom ball bearings measurements before closing the enemy using the machine, must accept unexpected obstacles, as far as possible the amount of travel documents.

[backcolor=rgb(250, 250, 250)](5) dore bearing requirements 1 floating, floating sewing all kinds of bearing diameter average skilled levin swam to blank.

[backcolor=rgb(250, 250, 250)]2, bearing damage, the game and the proper use of ordinary bearing, can be used. Tired, but resource premature, not damage, high temperature use. This early damage, and fatigue is higher quality accident, the accident using limit. In the United States, use more optimization (products do not focus on the external invasion of foreign body, affect hot shaft housing must study, etc.Rumbo lubricacion efectos

[backcolor=rgb(250, 250, 250)]The ball damage. Bearing support strategy, frontier inspection station, for example, the injured, can consider to lubrication, electricity, discharge of foreign bodies into structural defects, bearings, shaft deflection error setting and the reason to expand the overlap.

[backcolor=rgb(250, 250, 250)]Therefore, only investigate bearing damage, the damage is hard to believe that the real reason. However, if you know the bearing conditions of use, the use of technology, accidents and damage around the bearing structure of the state and a couple of reasons to prevent such accidents.

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?? What is this?

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