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[Chat (Android)] [Guide] Guideline For The Dailly Rewards

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Posted on 6/19/14 1:55:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Guidelines for you to get the daily reward...
First, you have to log in,
You will see you wall like this...
Click the claim bonusfor you to get your free reward

After that, you have to get you rewards every 3 hour...

Depend on your online time, luck and so on.. you have a chance to get the free spin..

After getting the reward, your going to wait for 3 hours to refill that one...

You can now get your daily rewards...

You will see this once you click the EARN COINS

Then, click again the earn coins to get all other reward including the rewards from Sally.

Tournament can be obtain once you join in the tournament, (vs tournament)
30 games is equal to 1 free spin...
Other  bonus reward is the ranking of the coins you get per hour. Depend on the amount of the price you get, you receivea good amount of coins..

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