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[Chat (Android)] Ultimately you lose

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Posted on 3/23/14 4:36:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I understand you want to make money, but alas I'm not about to pay for coins when there are apps out there that don't require you to. Yes the game is fun, but even if I were willing to purchase coins, it's never going to be a winning game overall. Again I know if you just won and won and won, you would not make any money, but in all honesty, I think you would have to create an app that gives you a chance at winning real money. I believe I'll be deleting the game soon as it shows me time and time again, losing is inevitable. Thank you though for a fun game, but when you win big and then go on an endless losing streak, it takes away from the incentive to play in my opinion.

Posted on 3/23/14 8:32:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear (132059025),

As you know with any gambling based vehicle the odds are generally more or less in favor of the house and that there is a great deal of luck as well as some basic skills involved in winning.  At least with this being a virtual coin based vehicle your loses are limited and thereby much easier to manage than an actual real funds vehicle.  However, I am glad that you have enjoyed the product as well as sincerely sorry to see you leave, but the choice is entirely yours.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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Posted on 3/23/14 8:54:35 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I appreciate your kind reply and agree with your point. I've thought about my original post and kinda feel like the "sore loser" the more I think about it. For the record, I'm not going to delete Slot Machines. Kinda silly over a free game to begin with. Also, when I think about the countless hours I've played, I have to admit you guys really have done a good job with the game itself. It's not like I'll run out of coins with the recharge when below 300 and the daily bonus's. I can't deny I won't get frustrated when I win big and then hit the losing streak, but hopefully I can figure out if there's any kind of strategy. Thanks again for your reply.

Posted on 3/23/14 10:35:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

No problem, we all get frustrated every now and then, especially when on a losing streak, and you are very welcome, glad you decided to stick around.


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