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[Chat (Android)] [Guide} Guidelines to switch accounts.

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Posted on 7/12/14 6:49:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Good day, this is the tutorial on how to use diff. Account in slot machine..
I hope it will help you guys since most of us get board once we don't have coins, so why not using other account.

Here is the step..
Step 1.

Click the setting botton at the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 2.

Click the switch account if you all ready us an account(fb)

Step 3

Choose log in with other account if you want to use your yahoo,google and etc account
If you want to use your other fb account, you choose sign in with facebook.

Step 4

The other account will appear like this. You can choose which of them you want to log in..
In this guideline, i choose google.

Step 5

Simply click the google(if you have) then fill up the form req. Then sign in. Wait then the screen will auto switch.

Don't worry about your main account. Its safe whether you switch or not, even in other account this guide can be apply. You can return yourrevious account by doing step 1-3 for fb. Just log in your facebook account.

For the video.. here is my link .. ... J8ymWKceN1XuUeTqG9w

That is my channel.

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